Stainless Metal Sand for Filament Spinning
Achieving the highest quality fibers and filament with superior dye ability, strength, denier uniformity requires selecting the right filtering medium in the spin pack. Futai Stainless Metal Sand are the right spin pack filtering medium solution for outstanding continuity, fiber quality and volume performance. The irregular shapes of powder are extremely effective at shearing polymer micro gels, as well as trapping foreign materials in the polymer melt without any chemical reaction with polymer. The greater active surface-to-volume ratio of metal powder particles results in superior filtering capabilities and long filtration cycle. Exact control of polymer temperature is critical to avoiding capillary breakage and dying differences.
The stream of melt metal liquid is atomized by high pressure water, shattered by water nozzles from different angles and levels into small grains, which have an extremely irregular shape. The filtration effectiveness mainly depends on porosity volume and particles surface area, which vary with the shape and size of the powder particles. Larger grains tend to have a higher porosity, but a lower active surface area. Fine particles gain a larger active surface area, but a lower porosity volume. The high active surface area is provided with good cleaning effective during filtration. Meanwhile, during the continuous production, it should contain more porosity in order to keep the spin pack pressure constant as longer as possible or minimize the pressure increase in longer period.
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