Ceramic Friction Discs
Friction ceramic disc (working discs, guide discs, knife discs) and process know how enables Futai to optimize profile and discs characteristics. This can help customers to produce unique yarns. Specific discs dimensions and profiles are available upon request.

Our high-performance discs are outstandingly well proven, and can be adapted easily for all well-known spindle units, as Barmag, Rieter ICBT, Rieter Scragg, ICBT, RPR, TMT, Temco, Hongyuan, Jingwei, Himson, Alidhra suitable for processing PA, PET, PP, PBT and PTT yarns.

Our solid ceramic friction discs have many decisive advantages when compared with other disc materials.

• Long service life, due to the material's high wear & tear and corrosion resistance
• Even and constant yarn quality from position to position, due to the consistent disc finish.
• No damage to friction disc in the event of running yarn at spindle-stop.
• Universal cleaning possibilities.
• Extremely low build-up of rubbing powder.
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