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Yarn rewinding machine

Rewinder machine is used to rewind small DTY bobbins to large one, maximum capacity 5kg.

The machine adopts Barmag texturizing machine FK6 serial take-up system to guarantee good package build and excellent unwinding property with synchronized anti-pattern and edge breaking system under the control of inverter.

It is equipped with tension device to adjust yarn tension.

Dimension of 12spindles: 4700 x 580 x1300mm

Dimension of 8spindles: 3270×580×1300mm (standard spindles)

Options: oiling system, intermingling device, length measuring system, two plied yarn device (equipped with creels, yarn sensors/cutters, length measuring system).

Everything that rotates - big or small, lightweight or heavy, slow or fast, rigid or flexible - must be balanced, whether you are dealing with individual rotors or large series.

Balancing is a critical step in the production process, and ensures the high quality of rotating components. This applies regardless of whether you are dealing with a one-off rotor in a repair shop or with large production volumes. Balancing will improve the quality and service life of your products, improve productivity and enhance your competitive position.

A balancing machine measures rotational vibration that occurs when a part spins, and detects the position where the mass is the greatest (or the least) and its amount. This measuring machine determines whether a rotating body passes or fails a test of good balance (balance while rotating) by further analyzing the measurement data it obtained. Manual unbalance is corrected by addition of material (e. g. balancing plasticizer or metal clips) directly on the machine or by removal of material on optional manually operated.

In the synthetic fiber spinning plants, during daily maintenance for some spinning equipments, these high speed rotating parts, such as winders, rollers, shafts need to be balanced after assembly in order to keep its performance quality and avoid the damage of its related parts. We can supply different types of balancing machines based on your special requirements.